The “T” visa is a nonimmigrant classification for people who are victims of a severe form of human trafficking.   

Nonimmigrant individuals in the U.S. under a “T” visa status may apply for "adjustment of status" (for a "green card") AFTER three years of continuous presence in the United States or a continuous period during an investigation or prosecution of the acts of trafficking. Nonimmigrant individuals holding a “T” visa will also need a certification from the Attorney General stating that the investigation or prosecution is complete. 

“T” nonimmigrants must be in valid nonimmigrant status at the time of application. USCIS can adjust the status of up to 5,000 “T” visa holders annually. This cap does not apply to family members of the principal “T” nonimmigrant status holder.  

T-1 visas are available to people who:

  • came to the United States illegally to engage in commercial sex work, involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery
  • committed commercial sex acts, or agreed to come to the US, as a result of force, fraud, or coercion
  • would suffer extreme hardship if deported
  • report their trafficking crime to federal authorities and, if at least 15 years old, help with investigations and prosecutions

Related visas include:

  • T-2 visas - spouses of T-1 applicants
  • T-3 visas - children of T-1 applicants
  • T-4 visas - parents of T-1 applicants who are children

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