infoJuly Visa Availability Update & Warning Signs: Everybody is excited about the recent dramatic changes when the State Department announced on or about June 14, 2007 that all employment based visa quota categories were suddenly “Current” for the coming July 2007, making it possible for all the anxious and waiting beneficiaries to immediately file their “Adjustment of Status” applications as soon as July comes.

Because July 1st falls on a Sunday, so everybody has been looking forward to July 2 and beyond to file their applications. That was really a good news because the idea was to file the I-485 between July 2 and July 29 to avoid the scheduled USCIS filing fee increases starting from July 30, 2007. While we are, too, very busy assisting our clients in preparing those filings starting from July 2, Yu, South & Associates learned from reliable sources that there could be issues or even anticipated changes to reverse the course by possible announcement to reinstate the “backlog” situation for many if not all employment based preferences soon. When that happens, it woud create a lot of problems, for both those who filed and those who are in the process of filing the applications. We will keep you updated.Existing clients please go to “Existing Clients” from the top manual for special notice and you can also contact our office for any further information at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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